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Cherchesov: Healthy competition never does any harm

The coaching staff of Russian national team, led by Stanislav Cherchesov, named the squad for preparations to test match against Costa Rica to take place in Krasnodar on the 9th of October.

Stanislav Cherchesov provided his comments on his choice of the squad during a conversation with journalists today.

- There are only three changes in the current squad compared to the one for test matches against Turkey and Ghana. Does this mean that the main squad has already been formed?

- We do not have any experimental squads. We wish to see how players can apprehend what we pass on to them during the training process. And we will never understand that if major changes are made to the squad every time. We need a certain foundation that we will be adding newcomers to. The national team must have correct ideology and ideal approach to selection of players. Things both within and outside the pitch are important. We are talking about the national team's image now.

- Last time you said that you view Fedor Smolov as a central forward. Artem Dzyuba plays at a similar position. Is there going to be a competition between the two?

- Smolov is a central forward and he proves at in every match. There certainly are situations when he is sitting out due to injuries or card but these are not permanent. And there is healthy competition that never did harm to anybody. We have to exploit the fact that we have two different central forwards. There are various options, including their interaction together.

- Two new players - Viktor Vasin and Pavel Mogilevets - were invited to participate in the camp. Why have you decided to invite these two?

- Mogilevets had a fine season in Rostov and helped the team take position two. I watched quite some of his matches for Zenit during the summer preparation camps. He is now recovering after injury and played for 70 minutes in Russian Cup Round of 32 against Tambov. There are certain issues related to the halfback position so we have decided to invite Pavel Mogilevets. As for Vasin, he plays for Ufa that performed a solid defensive over the past few matches. I believe that the player has deserved this invitation. You could see that we invited Kutepov last time and he is now a part of the main squad.

- A question about Kutepov. Have you not been disturbed by the defender's mistake in Spartak vs Ufa match yesterday?

- You think that was a mistake? I would rather call it a drawback.

- Is there a chance for Mogilevets and Vasin to be included into the lineup for the match?

- Of course. Kutepov was also invited to participate in the training camp last time and ended up in the lineup for both test matches - against Turkey and Ghana. Mogilevets and Vasin will work on the same terms with all other players.

- Maksim Kanunnikov was listed as midfielder for the previous camp and now he is a forward. Did you reconsider his functions?

- He used to perform on the position of right midfielder when I coached Amkar Perm and he did that good. Now, he plays as a forward for Rubin. We will consider him for positions of both right midfielder and forward.

- Lokomotiv shows very poor performance during the last few gameweeks of the Russian Premier League but three players are invited for the match against Costa Rica...

- Those players also took place in the previous camp and we could see how they work. Their physical condition did not worsen. There are victories and there are defeats. We do not associate one with another. Of course, it is better to invite players who win all the time as they have a different emotional condition. But we also need to take a player's level of performance into consideration.

- How would you evaluate Ivan Novoseltsev's debut for Zenit?

- He does not play so often for now. But it is understandable because he joined a new team and needs some time. He played the entire match against Turkey. Novoseltsev is in the main list of players of the national team and that is why he was invited.

- Do you agree that Magomed Ozdoev does not look at his best lately?

- Yes, I do. But again, we cannot toss to and fro and we need to give more time to players to show their best.

Football Union of Russia, 27.09.2016

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